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Burlacu Tiberiu
2014-10-22 02:11:49 UTC

1.I am trying to start the last verion of Tails(1.2 released I think in
october 2014).
2. Yes, I did verify the iso image, manually in the Ubuntu terminal
3. My laptop is HP Probook 4540s
4. When I pun the usb stick in the appropiate port, everything just
freezes.(I tried going to the boot options and selecting UEFI and
rearranging the Boot list- yet still when I put the usb in the laptop
everything just freezes).
5. USB DISK 2.0 (PMAP) 4.1GB
6. I have not been able to start Tails on this computer before, as this is
my first attept at using this OS.
7. I have not tried running the OS on other computers.
8. I have not tried different instalation methods(i.e. DVD)
9. In order to install Tails, I used the method pointed out on the official
tails website.

I hope to hear from you soon
Best regards