[Tails-dev] TAILS 1.2, capability.policy.maonoscript.javascript.enabled in TB/About:Config
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2014-10-20 07:48:17 UTC

[Redirecting to the support mailing list, since that's really
a support question. Please follow-up there, and drop tails-dev@ from
the Cc list on next reply.]
It's a NoScript pref.
What is maonoscript? Should the 'Value' of this entry be changed to something other
than the default (allAccess)? Something like noAccess perhaps? One user mentioned
this may be related to NoScript or a particular NoScript setting.
If there's a specific misbehaviour / bug in this piece of the
Tails/TBB configuration, please report it as such. Otherwise, I invite
you to satisfy your curiosity by reading the NoScript source code :)
KB.MozillaZine usually documents all about:config options but I cannot find
a definitive answer here or any reference to this new value on KB.MozillaZine's site.
AFAIK KB.MozillaZine doesn't document addons' prefs.
Is Javascript safely and universally disabled with the two original toggle off
options or should this maonoscript option be configured too to shut Javascript
off entirely?
We don't really support disabling JavaScript globally. If you want to
do that anyway, I would recommend using "Forbid Scripts Globally" in
the NoScript menu. Only fiddle with prefs by hand if you're able to
understand the consequences, which probably implies reading the
affected source code.